Dynamic and effective education!

If you want to be a smart, successful medical coder, Contempo Coding is here to help. I offer FREE education through my YouTube channel, podcasts, and blogs. There’s also training for the CRC (Certified Risk Adjustment Coder) credential and numerous CEUs courses available for purchase. I believe that medical coders that are engaged and educated can help assure that healthcare funds are accurately accounted for, drive costs down, and improve the entire medical industry. Let’s get excited and keep on coding on!

Online Courses

Contempo Coding currently offers Risk Adjustment Coding training as an online on-demand course to prepare students for the CRC examination. We also offer various CEU courses, both paid and free. Contempo Coding provides very straightforward education, meaning I don’t produce more than you need — no crazy memberships or hundreds of hours of “supplemental” materials you won’t even access. We give you right-sized education, with quick reference materials that work in real-world situations.

Tips, Tricks, Tutorials

My YouTube channel is full of fun and FREE tutorials on medical coding and billing topics. Everything from where to start, how to find a job, certification exam tips, and coding tutorials. This isn’t a webinar dump — these are creative, informative, humorous, and well-produced videos filled with dynamic content that will keep you engaged. New videos post twice a week. Subscribe today and don’t miss another episode!

Continuing Education

As an AAPC Approved Education Provider, I can provide CEUs to AAPC members. AHIMA also accepts all AAPC CEUS, so these courses can be used for AHIMA coding credentials as well! I have some free on-demand sessions available on the courses page. There’s more content being added, so make sure you check back regularly. Want more education even if there’s no CEUs provided? Be sure to check out the YouTube channel and podcast!