A TB test or PPD ( purified protein derivative) is a common method for testing patients for tuberculosis and is often performed for pre-employment clearances. It is also known as the Mantoux test. In the procedure, a small concentration of PDD is placed just under the skin to form a small bump or bubble. Within 3 days the spot is checked to see if there was a reaction, which could indicate the patient may have tuberculosis.

A TB test is coded with CPT 86580 Skin test; tuberculosis, intradermal. This code includes the substance that’s injected, the administration, and the patient return visit to read the test. No additional codes for administration, medication, or the follow-up read should be billed.

The ICD-10 code for standard screening should be Z11.1 Encounter four screening for respiratory tuberculosis. Check out this infographic for FAQs.

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