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Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Into Medical Coding

Watch these YouTube videos Getting Started In Medical Coding – Coding – Is It Right for You? – Decide what kind of coding you would like to pursue Professional (Provider) – Coding for services provided by doctors and physician extenders such as surgery, office visits, and procedures.Inpatient – Coding for hospital stays and […]


Are you in need of some free CEUs that are approved for your AAPC credentials? Check out this quick and easy infographic for tips on where you can find free CEUs! Don’t forget to check out our courses page for our current free CEU offerings!

Why Risk Adjustment Coding Is Important

ICD-10-CM coding has historically taken a back seat to CPT coding when it comes to professional billing. ICD-10-CM is used for a variety of reasons such as tracking disease process and spread of diseases but most importantly it’s been used to drive medical necessity together CPT paid. With productivity standards in coding and CPTs being […]

Can Medical Coding Be Self-Taught?

I’m a firm believer that you can learn just about anything watching YouTube tutorials. There are lots of amazing, inspirational stories of people building houses, businesses, machinery, and more that were self-taught by watching YouTube tutorials. With the rising cost of education, countless people are looking into such alternatives to learn skills that don’t require formal education. […]