The morning of your CPC exam can be filled with excitement and nerves. There’s a lot of things running through your mind — modifiers, books, sequencing, abbreviations, time management. Is there anything you’re forgetting??

I’ve got two tools to help you out!

There’s a video on my YouTube Channel, “Avoid These Mistakes With the CPC Exam” that details things you want to AVOID doing during your exam. Check it out and see what errors to avert and how to better prepare yourself for the CPC exam!

There’s also a handy checklist for the morning of your exam. Before you leave, make sure you have everything needed for your big exam day! Print off the list and make sure you have all your materials to be fully prepared!

CPC Exam Checklist

Download the checklist pdf here.

My final words of wisdom — medical coding is NOT about knowing all of the answers, it’s about knowing where to find them. Tab your books and know your guidelines!

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